Purest form of making money

The purest form of making money is:

PPC and Affiliate Marketing combined.

Why?  Because it focuses on the bare essentials:

Buy traffic with ads -> Convert traffic to the affiliate offer -> Profit.

The nice thing about this is that it can be scaled easily when you have a working formula.  There are less limitations by buying the traffic you need.  Trying to SEO a site means a limited amount of traffic, and much more beholden to the vagaries of the search engines and your competition.

Downside of this business model: It can be easy for other people to copy your ads and landing pages.

Installing MySQL 5.1 on Archlinux

Prosper202 does much better on MySQL 5.1.  Here’s how to install that:

This is a bit of a hack, so first make sure you install mysql:

# sudo pacman -S mysql

Next, you want ABS (which has all of the package build information so you can compile your own version of an already existing package).

# sudo pacman -S abs

# sudo abs

# cp -R /var/abs/extra/mysql ~/

# cd ~/mysql

# wget http://www.foucist.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/pkgbuild

# mv pkgbuild PKGBUILD

# makepkg -s

# if it fails, rm -rf src/  and pacman -S base-devel and try again

# sudo pacman -Uf mysql-5.1.30-1-i686.pkg.tar.gz   (the -f forces it to overwrite the existing mysql files)

# sudo /etc/rc.d/mysqld restart

# mysql –version  (should show client version 5.1.30)

# mysql   (should show Server version: 5.1.30)

ta da!