Is it tax evasion or is it beyond their jurisdiction?

As affiliate marketers we make money online. Our customers can be anywhere, WE can be anywhere, and the money can be sent anywhere.

In today’s age, when we can live anywhere and make our money online, who should we really pay our income taxes to? Why should we even pay income taxes?

There is a concept of using travel to completely avoiding paying taxes, and doing that legally. It is called Perpetual Traveler or Perpetual Tourist. It requires avoiding residence in your country of citizenship and also avoiding living in the country that you make your money in, which isn’t a big deal if our income is from the interwebs.

This is a powerful concept, and I think it can be extended further. I think that if travel can render income taxes arbitrary, surely we can consider income taxes arbitrary even if we dont travel. From a moral perspective, we make our money online, it seems silly to send the bulk of that to one government in particular. Especially when that government its going to abuse the spending of that money. Especially when the requirement of income taxes costs the economy huge amounts of money in paperwork and allocated manpower in the form of income tax accountants.

That’s not to say that I mind paying taxes. I have no qualms paying a sales tax, do my bit to support infrastructure and costs. Ultimately all the little taxes add up, not just income but sales, investment, inflation, etc, and this results in being taxed more than you realize. Perhaps close to 50% even in USA. It doesn’t sound reasonable to give the government 6 months of your earnings out of a year’s worth.

Let’s bypass the government altogether. This is the online world, this is the global world, we really shouldn’t be beholden to one government anymore. It’s time to start withholding our money, let’s force the government to downsize and become a leaner more efficient system.

Fact is, with a little strategy, it is virtually impossible for governments to touch your money or your assets, your house, etc. It is possible to setup structures that will defeat the tax collector, and keep them in the dark to the extent of your wealth, and to know immediately if they are trying to get your money and to have the time to respond appropriately with paying them off or moving your money, etc. Unless you are a criminal drug lord, they are not going to be able to muster the warrants and international collusion to go after you seriously.

The biggest fear of most americans I know with regards to tax evasion is going to jail. Seems like it’s a common story in the media, hellooooo, that’s propaganda! Fact is, all IRS cares about is money, it’s easy enough to pay them a pittance if they ever come after you. IRS makes all sorts of deals! Drug dealers have laundered money with the help of the IRS.

Furthermore, if you never tell the IRS how much money you have, they will never know. Just setup multiple flow-through bank accounts in multiple countries and you will know if they come after any of your accounts. Also, by being careful about having your house and cars, owned by trust funds owned by corporations, leased to you, the IRS will probably never notice that you have an inexplicable amount of money.

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