How to hijack traffic from the idiot that ripped your LP and left your p202 code on the page

This is more common than you think. Some idiot outright copies your landing page, but doesn’t remove your Tracking202 code. I mean sheesh, if a guy’s gonna rip an LP, he should realize he needs to rip out all javascript that he doesn’t understand.

Basically he leaves this line in the lander:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Well, there’s an easy way to redirect all the visitors to your personal lander, and steal his traffic.
First, figure out if your code goes to a simple lander or an advanced lander (within p202). If it’s a simple lander, edit record_simple.php or if it is an advanced lander, then edit record_adv.php file. These files are located in ~/path/to/tracking202/static/

At the bottom, right before the line that says “t202initB();” just add the following:

if (document.URL == "")
window.location = "";

Bam! All visitors to his stolen LP are redirected to your LP.

You could do more clever versions, I.E. filter against his IP address, which you probably can figure out because his IP would be the first one you see for his site in your Tracking202 Visitor History.

I know some guys that have made a few hundred dollars before the lander gets fixed or taken down.

credits to: ricdes for testing, gxdia & tiz & mushie for the js code


  1. kenna says:

    this is awesome!!!!! i send this to 2 of my friends who this has happened to already.

  2. brig says:

    Nice work. Definitely going to give this a try.

  3. Ghost says:

    One tip here.

    Use the below syntax instead. Reason: if you use if document.URL as above- if they’re using any extra parameters in the url it will not work. IE – someone tracking a ton of different ads/banners/etc and who has (/10c/20a/40f/etc) in my quick test this wouldn’t work. So switch to if.DOMAIN and just hijack all potential fun from this one domain.

    Thanks for posting where prosper handles this

    var badDomain = “”;
    if (document.domain == badDomain)
    window.location = “”;

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